Meet The Family

Here at Cheep Cheep, we are a family run business that pick and package your birdseed orders in our garden in Suffolk!  

 We all share a big love for our garden wildlife, sustainability & our pets. Before we began, we worked in the dairy industry and came from a long line of milkmen

Meet who will be working on your order below. 

 roger plumb cheep cheep bird seed 

Roger Plumb, Founder.

Roger takes care of the stock control and in the day he delivers milk to doorsteps across the country - something thats been in the family for many generations. His favourite bird is a Robin.

A little Robin follows him round when he works on the garden and he likes to think it might just be his late friend Pat!


Samantha Plumb cheep cheep bird seed

Samantha Plumb, Accounts.

 Sam takes care of the accounting side of things alongside helping make sure the orders get to you on time.

Her favourite bird is a Blue Tit - she likes to have a little chuckle at the name and love their bright colouring.

Evie Plumb cheep cheep bird seed 

Evie Plumb, Web & Socials.

 Evie created the website and runs the socials and content on top of her day job in marketing. 

Her favourite bird is a Magpie - she loves how mischievous they are and their strong colours.


Callie Plumb cheep cheep bird seed

Callie Plumb, Photography & Picking.

Callie takes all the wonderful photos of our products & headshots alongside helping to pick orders when she's back from university!

Her favourite bird is a Pigeon - she believes they get a bad wrap but they're the sweetest!

beau and jude plumb cheep cheep bird seed

Beau & Jude Plumb, Assistant Pickers.

Beau & Jude love to help out where they can with orders after school.

Their favourite birds are our Free-Roam Chickens - because, they make super tasty eggs of course!

 Pip plumb cheep cheep bird seed

Pip Plumb, Head Of Barketing.

Pip runs all the advertising on social media and Google, when she's not busy doing zoomies round the garden!

Her favourite birds are ones she cant reach - she loves the chase!

chook cheep cheep bird seed 

The Chooks, Taste Testers.

Our 10 Free-Roam Chickens are in charge of taste testing our wild bird food, mainly by sneaking into our store shed!