What is Suet and Why Do Birds Love It?

why dod birds love suet?


There are lots of options when it comes to feeding your garden birds. You can feed them seeds, peanutsmealworms, fruits etc but what about suet?

Suet is a great way to keep your garden birds healthy and nice and fat throughout the harsh winter but can also be given all through the year!

What is Suet?

Suet is made from the fat that surrounds the kidneys of animals (mostly cows and mutton).

The fat is separated from the meat, clarified, chopped, and then boiled in water, which removes any impurities. Upon cooling, the water and fat separate and the remaining fat is 'suet'.

Types Of Suet Treats

Suet comes in a range of options for your garden birds, here are the types we supply - all created with sustainability in mind and 100% human-grade suet. 

Fat Balls

These are a great affordable option to keep your wild birds fat and happy. They are made from a mixture of suet, seeds and fruits, particularly favoured by the smaller garden bird breeds.

Our fat balls also come without the nasty plastic nets, reducing ours and your waste.

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Insect-Filled Suet Balls

These are our most popular type of suet ball as they contain a higher concentration of suet and are filled with juicy insects for your garden birds to feast on.

These are also great for the more fussy breeds who prefer the full-fat experience.

These fat balls also come without the nasty plastic nets, reducing ours and your waste.

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Suet Pellets

These do exactly what they say, suet in pellet form. Suet Pellets can be easily stored and also great for birds to take away to their nests to feed on or given to their young.

A suet pellet feeder should be used for feeding these pellets although they can also be left on a bird table or simply scattered on the ground.

When placed on the ground, blackbirds, song thrushes and robins are especially interested. 

We offer our suet pellets in 3 different flavours; Insect, Mealworm or Berry!

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Suet-Filled Half Coconuts

These are our favourite option when it comes to feeding your wild birds suet. Its a feeder and food source in one and the whole thing is completely biodegradable!

These can be simply hung from a tree and keeps the mice and rats away.

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Suet Blocks

Suet blocks are another super convenient way of feeding birds. They are designed specifically for suet block cages and make cleaning a breeze.

They have the same benefits as the above and come in a super tasty berry flavour!

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