How To Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

How To Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly


Many of us are using the spare time Covid has brought, as an opportunity to turn our gardens into pristine places. However, you can get close to nature in a few simple ways and turn your back garden into a safe space for all wildlife.  

1. Stop Mowing The Lawn

wildflower garden cheep cheep bird seed

Let your lawn mower retire in the shed and allow your grass to grow. Or if you like a tidy space, corner off part of your garden to turn into a wild space! 

We rarely see wild gardens, unless the house is unoccupied but if you sprinkle some wildflower seeds it can become a beautiful space for butterflies, bugs & ground birds to take home.

2. Bird Boxes & Bird Feeders

Bird feeder and bird boxes cheep cheep bird seed

Birds are an important part of your gardens eco-system and creating homes and places to feed for these creatures will help them succeed!

Make sure you place these in safe places away from pets and danger. Covered bushes or high up in the trees can be all be great places.

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3. Insect Hotels

insect hotel cheep cheep bird seed


Create a mountain or rocks, twigs and wood in your garden. These can then be left and act as a shelter/breeding ground for insects such as beetles, spiders, woodlouse etc!

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4. Compost

Compost cheep cheep birdseed

If you have the space, compost heaps are the treasure trove of garden spaces - and they help reduce your waste!

You can make these by simply creating a pile of your food cuttings etc between some wooden pallets. It will provide a enriching habitat for worms, woodlice, toads and if you're lucky - slow worms!

TOP TIP: to avoid rats, (as cute as they are!) only add raw, uncooked food.

5. Leave A Gap In Your Fence

frog cheep cheep bird seed

Making a hole at the bottom of your fence can let the hedgehogs and frogs in! This will also allow them to move from garden to garden, linking your habitats together. 

Be sure to make the hole big enough for hedgehogs but not too big that your dogs escape! 


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