How to Attract Birds to Your UK Garden.

how to attract birds to your garden


Find out how you can attract your garden birds in the UK - even if you don't have a garden with Cheep Cheep Bird Seed.

Common UK Garden Birds & What They Eat

Most UK garden birds aren't that fussy, but here is what to buy if you want to attract certain breeds:

  • Blackbirds - will eat almost anything, from peanuts to mealworms, they will take what they cant get! They usually eat from the ground.
  • All of the tits - these little guys usually eat suet, peanuts and mixed bird seed from a feeder.
  • Finches - these birds will eat from a feeder or a table and absolutely adore sunflower hearts.
  • Pigeons & Doves - we don't discriminate at Cheep Cheep, all birds deserves some good grub! These guys love a variety of seeds and mealworms. If you have a batch of racing pigeons, we have a special mix here.

You can also chuck out some leftover bread, fruit cake, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, or fruit such as apples and pears.

Do not use anything mouldy or high in salt though (this can dehydrate them), and if you have a dog don’t put out dried fruit – raisins and certain dried fruits can be toxic to them.

Where do I put my birdseed?

There are all sorts of contraptions nowadays for feeding your garden birds, you can put them in all sorts of places, but here are some simple things we recommend considering before spending money:

  • Somewhere quiet where the birds wont be disturbed.
  • Somewhere safe, like high up away from your dogs & cats 
  • Somewhere sheltered from the weather, like the wind and rain. 

Make sure whatever feeder you use, whether its a simple station or one of those nifty window feeders that you place them where you can see the birds - then you can see your help in action!

Don't be disheartened if not many birds visit your new feeder - they take their time to trust something new in your garden!

TOP TIP: Don't forget to keep your feeders clean, dirty feeders are a great place for bacteria and diseases to breed!

Water, Water, Water

Don't forget about the water - especially in the warmer months!

Again, you don't need to break the bank - a simply dinner plate will do.

If you want to help your garden birds in the winter, pour warm (not hot) water on your frozen bird baths! 

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